Monday, December 14, 2009

one eyed one horned flying purple people eater

I am alive. I have been MIA for some time now. I hope you will forgive me.

I am wrapping up the semester, and I have just one final left! I am very ready for Christmas break! I am ready to be home. Stay home. Paint home. Decorate home. Cook at home. I have reclusive tendencies anyway, but in the winter, I just love especially love being home.

Brooklyn lost her first tooth the first week of December! Charlotte is talking all the time, in full sentences. She is very ornery. Brooklyn loves kindergarten. Charlotte's favorite meal is "peadabud" which means peanut butter. The girl wants peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner. Brooklyn just went to the princess and the frog movie with her dad, and she really liked it. She may have to go again with me.

I have been journaling a lot, and just enjoying the girls. We spend a lot of time snuggling under a quilt and drinking hot chocolate, watching all those "Christmas progrums" as my grandma would say. I enjoy school, but it is always a relief to knock out the semester. I have been cleaning and organizing in my spare time... and there is still so much to do. I keep taking things to the salvation army, and still I come up with more stuff to donate. You know me, I still visit the fleas. I went yesterday, in fact. I have some great things to share. Soon.

Twenty-five isn't so bad. It is actually kinda awesome. I am feeling so blessed, and I feel like things are going to be okay. Hopefully next semester I will be working at one of the local schools, and I am very excited about this possibility!

I am going to finish up my Christmas shopping this afternoon! Now I just need to get the trees up. Yep. I am that far behind.

I will be back with pictures. I promise.

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