Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here I am!

Here I am!!!!!
I wanted to share with you my very first home grown peony baby. Isn't she lovely? I am rather proud...

first peony

I had been wanting this closet system for a while. For some strange reason there was no closet bar in Brooklyn's room. Putting the girls in the same bedroom meant I had to get this. I finally had enough money and went to Lowes- they were on clearance! I had to put it together and install it all by myself. I had it all organized pretty but the girls messed up my photo styling. Anyway, you get the idea...

Now if I could just afford some closet doors. :o)

all by myself

My mom and I just got back from NYC last Sunday. It was a great trip! I love taking trips with her. She and I have the best time together. This is all the goodness that came home with me:

Magnolia Bakery cookbook
millinery from tinsel trading
christian dior lipstick from sephora
victorian lace and old purse from hells kitchen flea market (you wouldn't believe what I paid!)
princess fabric from purl soho, for a project for the girls
Don't get too excited about the Tiffany bag. It is a pen. It was given to my mom (she was there for business) and she gave it to me. Someday I will buy myself something I can wear...

New York City Goodies

I have a mad Charlie to tend to. I will be back soon. I am trying to be a better blogger!

Until next time...


  1. 1. The closets look amazing! You don't even need doors! The curtains are perfect!

    2. Your peony is so precious!! You grew that?!

    3. I love that you bought a Pablo Neruda book :) He's amazing!

  2. I agree about the closet doors! Before I scrolled down and saw your comment I thought to myself, "Those lace curtains are so cute. Kali has such a romantic style." Your goodies from NY totally confirm that : )