Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Girls

I took some fun pictures of my girlies, and thought I would introduce you. Meet Charlotte (we call her Charlie) :

She loves to eat. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. She loves to read books and has an incredible attention span for her age- but only if you are reading her a story. She especially loves But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton. She is ornery and strong willed. She loves dancing to music by wiggling her little torso and flailing her arms every which way. It is hilarious! She really likes to make people laugh. She only snuggles when she is sleepy or sick, the rest of the time she is way to busy to stop long enough for that! She has the best little chunkies and the four cutest little teeth. She can walk everywhere, but only if she is holding on to someone or something. The moment you let go, she drops to crawl. Normally, she is bouncing and going and laughs when most babies would be frightened. She is a dare devil, except when it comes to walking. I say, she will when she's ready. 

This is my Brooklyn:
Brooklyn is five and fancy. She is very whimsical, and this girl comes up with the best outfits! (She often helps me pick mine.) She loves dresses and shoes. She can write her own name, and many other letters. She loves to be silly, and is perfectly comfortable being the center of attention. Lately, her comedy of choice revolves She loves the country and animals. She is the absolute best big sister, always helpful and sharing. When she grows up, she wants to be an animal doctor that does make-up. She has the sweetest personality, and is very soft hearted. I especially love her big brown eyes and curly hair. Brooklyn is an artist. She loves painting and being creative. She started painting when she was two, and has always been particular about the process. She is looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. I, however, am secretly sad. When she colors pictures, she never uses realistic colors. I love this about her. (I always colored things as accurately as possible...boring!) She loves loves loves to dance. The girl has got moves! She is amazing in every way.

Of all that I am or could ever hope to be, I most proud of being a mother to my sweet baby girls. 


  1. Wonderful pics of the girls and you certainly describe them to a T! I'm looking forward to keeping up with them this way. Love you guys...

  2. The new blog looks great! Looking forward to reading more.