Saturday, September 19, 2009

porch projects

I should be working indoors. I should be working on my entryway or doing laundry or cleaning. But lately I have been focused on the exterior of my home. I bought this cross at hobby lobby. It is rather large, and was originally priced $9.99. I waited for iron/metal decor to go half off. I needed something for a bare space on my front porch.
It got lost in the sea of brown, so I spray painted it a creamy white. The porch is still a work in progress, so excuse the mess. I bought the two chairs pictured below for $3.98 a piece at the chichiDAV. I have one primed, not sure on the final color. In the far right corner you can see the candelier I bought a while back. I am moving it around and finding a happy place for it. It will get spray painted too...

I bought that piece of a dresser at a garage sale for $3. The lady said she was going to make a cat bed out of it but never got around to it. I think it is a cute little porch table.

You can kinda see the pretty blue. Those glass doors have a tint film on them, which I may have to use amonia to remove. And a razor blade scraper. This is conjuring up bad memories of wall paper removal- which I will be tackling again soon.

I will have to get some better pictures up here soon!

Tomorrow our monthly flea market starts back up again! Charlie and I will be up with the sun looking for treasures. It will be so much fun!

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