Thursday, September 10, 2009

solo road trip

Gas. Country on the radio. Diet Pepsi...

First stop: Blackwell, Oklahoma. There were neat little antique places. I bought a few things. (I will share those soon! :o)

Final Destination: Oklahoma City. I nearly caused a crash when I saw they had a dunkin' donuts! We used to have one in my big town when I was little. My dad would take me and let me pick out any donut I wanted. He always got the fritter, I got the powdered sugar creme filled.

The display still looks the same! It made me so happy to find a dunkin' donuts. I ordered the usual, and an iced coffee with cream and sugar. The donut was better when I was a kid. But the iced coffee... holy smokes it was yummy!

I got a manicure because I could, and all my nails were long at the same time. I then made my way to Bricktown.  I ate dinner by myself at this crab place. The waiter was crabby. The food was pretty good. It was a late dinner, but not late enough to be this dead... I'm going to chalk it up to labor day weekend, and not some story about the place having rats or something that I didn't know about...


Being too stingy to spend $100 on a room, I drove back to Guthrie, Oklahoma. I got a clean little hotel room for $50. I laid in bed and watched several episodes of Roseanne on TV land, because I could. I felt happy. 
The next morning I had breakfast at Katie's. It was such a good breakfast! If you are ever in Guthrie, eat breakfast here! Their coffee was soooo good. 


This place was next to Katie's. Isn't it lovely? I like that 'Blessings' sign. It is for sale...


Downtown Guthrie is so quaint. It is a bit like stepping back in time. There are several Antique places on Oklahoma Ave. I didn't get to look, but I want to go back with my mom anyhow! It was our kind of place...

Don't you just love the turret on this antique store? I must go back to this place...


This is the current project. My front doors. I have two. They both have the lovely amber glass picture below. I can't decide if I like it or not. Many people love red doors. I have wanted blue ones for a long time now. I am going to try a treatment I have never done before... We will see what happens!


Every woman should go on a road trip all by herself at least once in her life. And when she gets home, she should paint her front door(s) any color she likes. Because she can.

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