Sunday, July 19, 2009

best friends

I am going to make a better effort of blogging our lives here. Partly because I want to share with the friends and family who read my blog, and partly because it is like a scrapbook of sorts. I think the best part of this summer for Brooklyn was a visit from her Uncle Super Nicco. (He prefers to be called Super Nicco.) Grandma took us to Exploration Place, then out for ice cream, and then to the park! It was so much fun!

grandma = fun
Nicco loves dinosaurs. He knew all the names of these guys. Charlotte was mesmerized. She just stared in either amazement or fear, I can't be sure.

tornado crazies

Here they are in the 'tornado'. Despite the look on Nicco's face, they were not scared and were indeed screaming loudly in the funnel tunnel.


She stood there for quite a while. No expression. No movement. Just staring. We called after her to get her to follow us. Nope. She wasn't budging. I went after her and we made our way to the castle...

giddy up!

Giddy up!
Doctors Nicco & Brooklyn
I loved the Vet station there. Of all the cool stuff, I think they played here the longest. I love watching kids pretend play at grown up roles. I love how they talk and try and mimic what they see us doing. They do pay attention! Brooklyn was listening for the "heart beep."

 We sure do miss Nicco. Maybe we could squeeze in one more visit before school starts? Brooklyn and Nicco are best friends. They will both tell you so. And they both act so sad when their visits are over. He is a pretty awesome little brother if I do say so myself. 

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