Saturday, July 25, 2009

binkies and backpacks

Charlotte has been hiding binkies. I have been trying to "taper her off" the binky by only giving it to her at bedtime. But this little stinker is smart. When she wakes up, but before she lets me know she is awake, she launches the binky or drops it behind her bed. Pretty soon I here her. "Mama.... mama..." I go in to get her. There is no binky in the bed. I change her pants and put her down to play. An hour later she will be walking around with a bink in her mouth. She remembers where she hides them! I almost feel like she should get to keep it for being so clever, but I have been putting her down without the bink.
I have started selling stuff on ebay to support my junking habit. Actually, it is more to get rid of stuff. I never got to have the garage sale, but I will have one this season!

Brooklyn is more than ready for school. I have been accumulating her school supplies over the last month, so it isn't such a big chunk of change at once. Her new school clothes are hanging neatly in her closet. We splurged a little and ordered this back pack from pottery barn kids:

Kindergarten is a big deal, you know. I am not ready for her to go. I will think of her all day long and miss her and wonder if she is using her manners or talking when she shouldn't be. (I always got in trouble for this, I fully expect she will too.) Will she make quick friends? Will she eat like a bird at lunch? 

I am headed back to school too. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I know I have to keep plugging along, but the finish line feels so far away. Speaking of finish line, I am thinking about running again. I used to love running. With every pound of my foot on the pavement I seemed to figure something out. Its just making the time...

I have so much to do. I need some coffee...

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