Saturday, August 1, 2009

beautiful day

This morning we headed to market.
on our way to market

farmers market
Where we bought a Kansas grown peach...

Kansas grown Peaches

and made friends with Lady...
making friends

and a baby bunny that was surely worth more than $10!
baby bunny

We also took time to smell the flowers...
farmers market flowers

and dance to music.

and admire jewelry...

and a pretty orange bicycle...
bike envy

and a beautiful statue.
I feel ya sister

We bought treats for Winston.
dog treats

And fell on the brick road, left with a goose egg and no choice but to eat the peach.
Kansas grown peaches are magical, I should tell you.
goose egg and a peach!

We stopped in at Nanny's Niche. Oh the goodness we found...

nanny's niche
We decided to wait for the Q, and I noticed Brooklyn's shoes were on the wrong feet...
waiting on the Q, shoe's on the wrong feet

and Charlie's were too small.
its a good thing there's holes in her sandals!

There's our ride!!!
there's our ride!
The best view of downtown Wichita is from a trolley.
trolley ride
We waved at our home away from home... The Value Center!
(where that pretty little linen dress with purple roses came from...$2.98!)
Value Center! WOOP WOOP!!

We stopped by my favorite Saturday shopping spot. Klassic Line Vintage...
I fell in love with the dress in the window. And it was my size. And the perfect shade of green.
And $69.
I was sad to leave it there, but there are little shoes to be bought... and diapers and such.
I need this vintage dress!

Vintage hats make me happy.
lovely hats

Vintage jewels make me happy too.
vintage jewel perfection
Turn-of-the-century dresses make me happier still. 
(I really need that blue one. They do have lay-away. :o)

turn of the century vintage- i'll take all of them!

Surely there must be a place like this in heaven...
klassic line vintage

and warm peach cobbler with icecream. There must be cobbler parfaits in heaven.
peach cobbler parfait

Today, I went looking for joy and I found it.


And it doesn't get much better than this.


  1. I'm so happy to find you again. You and your adorable girlies, Brooklyn and Charlie. Since I lost track of you, you've completed college classes, you've started your own business ... your pictures are awesome, and you've learned a lot about yourself and continue to reinvent yourself. Wishing you a lovely last few weeks before school begins for you and Brooklyn. You have truly been blessed.

    Beverly in Iowa

  2. LOVE this post. every piece of it. :) maybe i can do this one afternoon with you ladies when i'm back in september!