Tuesday, August 25, 2009

big town school, beginning of getting healthy

Brooklyn loves kindergarten, but we all knew she would. One thing I never thought about was all the one on one time I would have with Charlotte. It is really nice to spend time with just her. She has pretty much always had to share me with Brooklyn, and being with her reminds me a lot of the time I had when it was just Brooklie and I. 

I had always thought I would move to a smaller community before Brooklyn started Kindergarten. And in the way that most plans go, I didn't. But for a big town, I am loving her school! It is in a residential area, and you wouldn't even know it was there if you weren't in the neighborhood. It is an old little school, and it just has a special way of greeting you when you walk in the front doors. The classes are small, mostly neighborhood kids. (there are about 30 kindergarten kids total) There is school soccer, t-ball, basketball, skating parties, reading parties, etc. and I am so excited for the ways Brooklyn can get involved. She is signed up for soccer, so I am sure there will be some interesting pictures to post! Our big town school feels a lot like a small town school. I am thankful.

I also planned to lose weight this summer, and ironically I gained weight! I am not feeling very good about it. I am making changes and being realistic about what I need to do. So there might be some weight loss/learning to love exercise/learning to change my relationship with food posts. You girls don't mind, right? Today, I parked a few blocks away and we walked to school. Then I pushed Charlie in the stroller and walked for an hour just throughout the neighborhood. It is such a pretty neighborhood! Next time I will take pictures. I am certain you can always find God on an early morning walk. 

I will be journaling my food, in an effort to force myself to practice self-discipline and be more intentional about the way I feed my body. I look forward to creating some healthy recipes to share with y'all. I really do believe that being healthy can be fun. I am setting out to do just that!

(Now, do I dare share my actual weight with you all?)

I have some cleaning to do, so I'm off to put on a pot of coffee! (...while listening to the mix CD my new BFF made for me!)

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