Wednesday, August 12, 2009

to share or not to share?

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I have been cleaning all day and doing laundry. I have TONS of clothes bagged for the garage sale. I am mostly getting rid of lots of baby/toddler clothes. It will be so good to be rid of stuff
Speaking of stuff, I am about due for an incredible find. I haven't found any wow items this summer. 
Lately I have been looking out for organizational items- unique containers and wire baskets. I am slowly gathering office organizer type things. Have you noticed how expensive things like this are at target? Its nuts! Like, tooth brush holders and soap dishes. $7.99 for a soap dish? Are you crazy?
So, I am back to an old dilemma. My house has three upstairs bedrooms and two downstairs. The girls and I each have our own rooms upstairs. One of the downstairs rooms is a playroom. The other is pretty shabby and I currently use it for storage. I need an office/creative room. I could put together something downstairs, but it wouldn't be closed off in any way and there would be very little natural light. I could use a smaller room upstairs, but it would mean the girls sharing a bedroom. Brooklyn is all about sharing with Charlotte, and I think it would be just fine. But it seems silly to live in a 5 bedroom home and have the girls share a room. I'm sure it builds character and sister bond... but geesh...
The plan, once I finish with organizing and cleaning upstairs, is to start on projects. Long overdue projects. But what do I do about a creative space?

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