Friday, August 7, 2009

neither here nor there

This post will be rather random, but you all don't mind right? First off, do I not have the prettiest little girl? She is so beautiful... but I might be a little biased. This picture is fairly old, but she looks so grown up! She is such a perfect mix of her dad and I. She is soft hearted and compassionate and lovey like me. She is comfortable being the center of attention- like her dad. She isn't stubborn like me. She loves animals more than anything else, except her sister. She is equal parts tomboy and girlie girl. She is silly and goofy like Austin- those two are peas in a pod. They went on a date yesterday to dinner and a movie. She left my little lady and came home a raging goof ball, too giggly for sleep. Before her date, she walked up to me (I told her she could pick out her outfit...)
(Brooklyn walks up in a fluttery shirt and too short jeans, with little high heeled sandals. Her eyes have eyeshadow, her lips glossed, and I can smell her perfume before she even enters the room...)
So mom, how do I look?
You look very pretty! (I open my mouth to tell her that she should probably wear different shoes, and wipe off her make-up... she interrupts-)
Mom, Don't ruin it! Okay?
(I smile) Okay. You look perfect!
She says she needs some jewelry, so I fix her up. Austin arrives. He tells her she is beautiful and I can see in her face that she believes him. When she comes home she asks me when she can go on a real date... 
Not for a very very very very long time.
When I am a teenager?
Aww, come on mama...
She laughs at me. I don't even want to think about it! You have read it here before, but I am preparing myself now for my daughters to hate me from years 13-18. I'm okay with it. Chances are, I will let her date when she is a teenager. (At LEAST 16...) But for now, I like Austin dates. He opens all her doors and tells her that on dates boys should always open doors, and use good manners and put their napkins in their laps and pay for things. He lets her order whatever she wants, so her dinner on Thurs. consisted of pancakes and popcorn and soda. I don't mind. I am thankful for Brandon (Brooklyn's dad) and Austin and the roles they play in her life. They both love her to pieces and treat her like a princess. It really is pretty special.

I have decorating on the brain. I didn't accomplish near enough this summer. The above picture is from la madone. I hope you all have found this blog. It is one of my favorites and its as close to Europe as I will get... for a while anyway. Isn't this room lovely?

I think I might name my home, as so many bloggers have. It is very special and deserves a special title. I will have to think on it for a spell.

I am meeting a new friend for coffee in the morning, and I am excited! Her name is Vanessa and I have a feeling we'll have lots to talk about. I am learning more and more, that I need women in my life. Especially women who share my faith. So I have been fishing for friends. Sounds silly, but you just have to put yourself out there! (For some reason I have a hard time establishing intimate relationships with women, which is something I want to change.)

Oh, and I have bangs now. I'm still getting used to them. We'll see...

love and peace

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