Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charlotte's room

Here was Charlie's changing table/dresser before:
dresser before

and after:


I wanted to take some pictures of her room because a big girl room is just around the corner. And also, I featured her room on the thrifted sisters blog.
That swivel glider/rocker has seen a lot of use. I would encourage any new mom to have one. 


Charlotte's nursery is almost completely second hand. I found her pottery barn kids crib with mattress at a garage sale for $100!

This is my favorite part of her room:

The little green sweater belonged to my dad when he was a baby. I think I might take Charlotte's pictures in that little yellow dress from the 1940's. 

Brooklyn starts kindergarten on Wednesday. I am sad.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I am drooling over this room. And green with envy over your dresser find! You did an amazing job on should submit it to a magazine. It's just beautiful.