Friday, March 19, 2010

Charlie the cowgirl

Today was a monumental day! It was Charlotte's first time riding a horse all by herself!! We are in Oklahoma, at my mom's house. Her house, for my girls, is as great as any vacation. Horses. A four wheeler. A playground. A forest. A lake. Boats.... SO MUCH FUN!

Being Brooklyn's first spring break, I had to do something. Nicco (my little brother) is her very best buddy. Riding horses is her very favorite thing. Naturally, this was her most favorite place to go.
The weather was absolutely beautiful today. Like- perfect. And Wall-E and Eva were especially well behaved.

It is official. Three generations of cowgirls. I wish these horses weren't four hours away. It would be so nice to just zip on over and let the girls ride any time they would like...
Since Brooklyn was just a bun in the oven, I have dreamt of the day I would own my own farmhouse and we would have our own horses. I'm trying to be patient. :o)
Tomorrow we are going antiquing/junking. I will be sure and share finds!
Hope your spring breaks are lovely and full of sunshine! (despite the forecast for snow...)

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