Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ikea (free shipping!)

Finally, my ikea sofa and bookshelf arrived! I am so excited about getting my home in order. I have wanted this sofa for some time now.
I think I might use this shelf in my new office/creative space. Although, it would be very pretty in my living room...
In other news, Brooklyn has officially been reading books! It is really amazing to watch her read. I wasn't one of those parents who really pushed reading because I have heard that it makes no difference in a child's IQ. Well, at least that is what the study said. :o) I read to her often, and she has always had an interest in books. But now, seeing her read for herself- its just amazing.

I joined weight watchers online. I am optimistic about it. My mom has recently lost over 30 lbs on WW! I am very proud of her!

I hope to spend the next week or so making my house more homey...

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