Thursday, March 18, 2010

how do you eat an elephant?

The warmer weather has all of us itching to get outside! The girls and I took a hike/walk the other day- along with Ollie the Cow dog. He is a good dog, and we sure do love him. He is also half lab and half collie- so he is very smart AND very full of ENERGY. I tell Brooklyn to get dressed so we can go for an adventure and that she will need pants on. To her this means wearing tights with the dress, and leopard print coat. She is fabulous and that's all there is to it.

My first week of weight watchers I lost four pounds. A small victory- but a victory. I feel like I am doing well adhering to the plan, and it hasn't felt like I have given up too much. I do have a terrible sweet tooth and there have been many times I have wanted sugary sweets. It comes down to self-discipline. I hope to start working out more. I love to lift weights, and I'm planning on taking a zumba class. It is supposed to be all the rage- check it out on youtube. And of course, there is always my one true love- YOGA! I do love yoga.

The weight loss part is really nice, but the best part is just taking care of yourself.

I know this sounds silly, but thinking about losing weight has me thinking about other things... like fashion! I like the idea that I might be able to wear some trendy things. Or buy a bathing suit. Speaking of, I really really really want this one:

I love the vintage style... the black... the neckline... its only $140 at Anthropologie! Couldn't you see it paired with some Audrey type sunglasses? A girl can dream though... and maybe by the end of summer, I might be ready to rock a two piece. MAYBE.

I think that every once in awhile, its good for us girls to be girly. Dream of dresses and pedicures and spend just a little extra time on our make-up. I really love being a woman. For so many more reasons then this...

Spring is almost here! The sun is shining on me through the window now as I type. I hope your day is as beautiful, where ever you are...

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