Friday, May 29, 2009

the one that didn't get away

Meet Marie. She looks like a Marie, doesn't she? Marie is my most favorite thrifting find to date. We have a thrift store in town that supports our YWCA women's shelter. This particular thrift store is very hit or miss- my usual go to for vintage linens and the sometimes dishes. Eventually, it became a regular stop because they had cans of formula and boxes of diapers that were never opened and very cheap! I could purchase a $25 can of enfamil for $9. I could purchase a big box of huggies for $6, sometimes less. People donated these items, but if there weren't any babies in the shelter they would just sell them in the thrift store. Anyhow, I walked in and saw this little lady sitting on a glass counter. She looked as if she was about to fall off at any moment. I rescued her. The price: $50. I just couldn't pay that. So I did what I hate doing. I asked when she might be marked down. The employee asked her manager, and she said, "How much do you think you can pay? You really like her, don't you?" I seriously considered what would be the most I could afford, and replied, "Thirty dollars?" I was waiting for her to laugh or something, but she smiled and said, "She's yours."

Marie is a rather large doll. She has some bumps and bruises. Isn't her outfit lovely with the little blush and blue colored rosettes? I think she has real hair. I carefully looked for a marking on the back of her head, but couldn't find one. That doesn't really matter to me, I was just curious about her...
I don't know much about dolls or how to date them. If any of you readers know anything, pass the info along! Like, does anybody know when they started making dolls with the eyes that open and close?

As I was leaving, there was seriously like three women asking about her- wanting to know how much I paid, or if I was going to buy her. One woman who said she collected old dolls told me I got a very good deal. Maybe so. Maybe not. But we love her. And I can't help but wonder why anyone would part with such a beautiful treasure.

I would love to hear about anyone else's "one that didn't get away"...

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