Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yummy dirt

We planted the hydrangeas and peony plant this morning. It was such a beautiful morning! Charlie ate some dirt. She played with a worm for a while. Brooklyn and I pulled weeds and Charlotte followed suit, or attempted to. She pulled out several "chicks and hens" from a rock in our bed. Thank goodness those things are tough, we put them back in their little cubby holes. 
Brooklyn is a very enthusiastic gardener. She loves the dirt and all its little creatures: worms, "holy polies" and lady bugs. She is a great helper. We talked about getting all of the root, and why that is important. I hope she remembers gardening with me.
Our flower beds have a long way to go. But I don't mind. Not as long as I have these two little helpers to enjoy the dirt with.

Today I am feeling especially blessed.

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