Friday, May 29, 2009


I STILL haven't decided on a business name. It is a very big commitment. However, I have acquired several photography jobs including: one newborn session, (my niece, so I don't think this is considered a "job") a grandma and two little grand girlies session, an engagement session, one wedding day, and possibly a second wedding... so it is time to bite the bullet and make a commitment. Which means it is also time to create a space I can work in. Here are some photos I have gathered here and there of inspiring spaces where women work:

I love that pink chair in the photo above. Look at her jewelry stash! And those traveling cases/hatboxes! My most favorite part: that big window that lets in all that natural light... 

And of course, there is always Martha. Very organized. I would love to be so organized. Definitely not realistic, but I do believe that organization is a key element in running a business. A place for everything, and everything in its place. :o)
I love the colors and simplicity of this little area. I have to find one of those tiered metal thingys. This space won't only be for photography ya know. 
I love the wire baskets. I know these are quite popular right now. But they are as functional as they are vintage and that just makes me love em all the more. I love the ribbon bar. I must find something similar. I also love cubby holes. Definitely helps with organization...
Look at this piece of furniture!  Wouldn't that be so nice to have? Not to mention all the goodies on those shelves. The colors are so pretty here. 
My main goal: sustainable organization. I want my work space to be equal parts functional and pretty- editing pictures can take HOURS. So this will be a place I spend a chunk of time in for sure.

There are so many things to think about...

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