Tuesday, May 19, 2009

spring cleaning into summer...

I love the blue color of this cabinet below. Well, I pretty much love everything about this picture. The subway tile is divine and I love the special nook for the kitchen aid mixer. My mom bought me the breast cancer awareness kitchen aid mixer for Christmas this last year. I LOVE it. Anyway, I would like to find a similar blue, and paint my...

front door. I think this mom picked the perfect green for her door. I want my front doors to pop. My house is brown with cream trim work, and it just needs a little extra somethin. (The doors are currently a blue based red... a very cool red that isn't really visible from the street.

A funny story: My last day of classes the girls and I went through Starbucks drive through. It was kinda like my treat for the end of the semester. I always get Brooklyn the kid sized hot chocolate which comes in the cutest miniature version of the adult cups. She noticed their sign for the first time and exclaimed, "Look Mom! Its a girl peanut!" The kid just cracks me up.
I. need. a. cast. iron. skillet. 
Maybe I will try looking at some thrift stores. Last night we made fried pork chops, my new potato side, cream corn from scratch, and blackberry crisp. It was a good dinner. I would like to try cooking with cast iron, as I hear from others it makes a huge difference. 

(will post my new potato recipe soon :o)

My spring cleaning is a little late, but I am taking the rest of May to get this house in tip top shape. I finished the kitchen yesterday (minus cleaning the fridge and microwave) and today I am cleaning the main bath and Brooklyn's room. We are going through toys. Cause the girl has way too many. I grew up with a limited amount of toys, no gaming systems, no tv in my bedroom, a piano, books, and horses. I rarely buy Brooklyn brand new toys. (She gets a ton from family and friends as it is.) I spoil her on her birthday. And she does get new toys as rewards from time to time. But I think we parents need to be mindful of the marketing monster that is after our kiddos. I think they need to know that joy does not come from stuff. And getting stuff does not equal "I love you". I fudged on my no gaming system policy,  my mom gave Brooklyn my little brother's V-smile. It was free, and it is educational. So I suppose there is room for compromise...

Neighborhood garage sales are June 5/6. Maybe I can put all these unwanted items together to make a little money. It does feel so good to get rid of stuff. 

I hope you all have had a more successful spring cleaning experience, but better late then never, right?

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