Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tuesdays unwrapped #3

The same day of Brooklyn's kindergarten roundup, Charlotte decided to let go. My oldest baby met her future teachers, saw what will be her first official classroom, even played with future classmates. My youngest baby decided she no longer needed her little hand in mine to walk about the world. Did I mention that all of this happened on the same day? My heart is a little sad.

I only have three more days of class. This is a huge relief. I am ready for the semester to be over, and to make family memories this summer. Starting with the Wichita River Festival this weekend! Friday night you can find us eating funnel cakes, watching the big parade, and snuggling on a blanket for the fireworks. (Insert quick prayer that it doesn't rain here.) This event is a tradition in my family, and it is always a wonderful time.

My photography business is plugging along, and I am hoping to start booking some sessions in June. I still haven't landed on a business name yet. It might have something to do with my worst qualities: indecisiveness and commitment phobia.

On this Tuesday, I am grateful for two basic things that we all take for granted: the ability to walk, and the ability to learn. Because learning and walking seem to be the theme for the moment, what better simple gifts to acknowledge?

To all outside appearances, this has been a fairly quiet time in my life. But I have made some major life decisions, in my quietness, that I am just joyful about. I have found peace about struggles and peace in making decisions- not my strong suit, as mentioned before. I am learning to walk by faith.

So is my littlest baby girl. :o(

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