Sunday, May 17, 2009

some things i'm lovin:

I haven't tried this first item yet, but I am going to order it soon. Isn't that the coolest lip gloss in a strawberry you have ever seen? (picture from click for link)

I decided to try Aveeno hair products, since I love their stress relief body lotion with lavender and chamomile. It would be my top pick at the grocery store.  I have a TON of hair down to my rear and I am a little particular when it comes to hair products. (can't really afford the expensive stuff right now)

My mom and I went to Bath and Body works, which I rarely shop at. Their scents are all too strong for me. My mom and I both really liked this light, fresh scent- citrusy and just a little sweet... a very good summer scent. (They are currently having a buy two, get one free event.)

I love cool whip on my coffee. With one of these bad boys, you just squirt that goodness on your hot cup of coffee and it is as close to starbucks as a single mom can get.
Charlie loves milk. I hate milk. Brooklyn loves soy milk. I only use it for cooking and cereal. Since my Charlie girl loves her "moke" I only buy organic. Horizon brand is as good as it gets. The milk tastes so much better than the other stuff, and the fridge life is so much longer than non-organic brands. I once heard someone say that if you only buy one organic product, buy organic milk. (There are some serious debates on the hormones used in non-organic milks and the effects they have on humans- early onset of puberty being a major concern. I am not sure if there have been any conclusive studies, but I will shell out the extra $ for organic.)

I'm headed to bed. Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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