Tuesday, June 2, 2009

seed babies

Brooklyn and I planted seeds a couple of weeks ago, and we thought we would show you our seed babies. We planted several vegetables:
-tomatoes (they love our Kansas climate)
-yellow squash
-two types of lettuce
-green beans
-snap peas
-heirloom tomatoes
-heirloom melons

I thought we were a little late with the seeds, but according to Aunt Martha (the authority on vegetable gardening in our family) we are on track. The weather has been too unpredictable, really really wet, and the ground not warm enough. This is my first official vegetable garden. I know very little, but I have a great gardening book, and family with plenty of advice. One thing I do know, is that I want to grow everything organically. I am on the search for organic fertilizer.

Our garden will be in a raised bed. I found an awesome tutorial here on how to build your own raised bed. I have started hardening off the seeds by putting them outside in the shade during the day, so we should be planting soon! Here are some basics I have picked up:

-there are advantages to raised beds (quality of soil, ease of gardening)
-if you do build raise beds, DO NOT use treated lumber as it can be poisonous to your plants, and you. (cedar/redwood are best)
-fertilize soil prior to planting seedlings (or sowing seeds)
-plant taller plants (corn/okra/sunflowers) on the north end of your garden, as they will block sunlight 
-lettuce/radishes prefer a little cooler climate, and can tolerate more shade then most other vegetables
-row covers are almost a must while plants are young
-try everything you can before resorting to pesticides (search google for organic options)
-marigolds, in large quantities, ward off certain pests
-planting in blocks, rather than rows, can be beneficial for pollination and may yield more crops
-mulch is an absolute necessity! 

If anything else comes to mind, I will be sure and share. Brooklyn and I are very excited about this gardening adventure, and we are hoping there will be many a fresh salad in our future!

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