Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a few treasures during a drought

***pardon the picture quality. i snapped these hurriedly, and then decided to play around in photoshop.***

This is Rose. The poor thing, she needs to have some work done. I am going to see if I can maybe somehow paper machet (spelling?) her some new... um... booboos. (as my girls call them.) I had an hour at local monthly flea. I have been on the look out for an old dress form. I saw another one, very old and in great condition. Of course, it was sold. (And I came ready to spend too, I had won $100 in a poker tournament the night before!) To pour salt on the wound, I asked the lady how much she sold for... $75. It was a sad moment in my flea queen history. These ladies sell for over $200 on ebay right now. I am not usually one to follow what's popular, but I just wanted one so badly! My hour was almost up. I was walking towards the exit, when I spotted Rose. I walked up, feeling very sorry for her. Nobody wanted her. It didn't take long to notice she was damaged beyond repair. How is it they find me, the damaged beyond repair lovelies? Her price tag said $18. I wasn't quite sold. But I was definitely feeling sorry for her. The guy came up and asked if I liked her. I replied, "Well, the poor thing..." to which he asked, "Do you have a good home for her?" 
"How 'bout $10?" 
Feeling even more sorry for her, "Alright."

So Rose came home with me. And I am going to try and help her out some. But she has lived a rough life, her beauty and charms have faded...

I first eyed this lamp quite awhile ago. It was in a booth at Paramount Antique Mall (definitely the best antique mall in Wichita) and it belonged to a woman who used to live in my neighborhood. When Brooklyn was brand new, and I couldn't afford to spend more then $2 on extras, I happened across her garage sale. She let me peruse the Wednesday night before. I found an old baby dress. She asked if I liked them, I said, "Yes, but most of the time when I see them they are like $12 and I can't afford that." Hers was marked $1, so I was paying her a compliment, not fishing for freebies. She told me to come back the next day, that she had a whole bunch of them. I came back, and she gave me a grocery bag full of antique/vintage baby clothes. Such a nice woman. She had a pair of these little boudoir lamps, with shades that look to be pre-1940's. I couldn't pay her price for one, definitely not two. But her booth happened to be an additional 30% off. It was meant to be...
(I am going to probably put the shade on a different base.)
I found this chenille blanket at the chichi DAV for $8.98. (My thrift sisters and I call it that because it is just mostly overpriced.) It does have some discoloration, but it is very soft and looks to be a king size. Right now it is keeping me warm at the computer, in the future I might use it for a sewing project... baby blankets, pillows...
I found this little rocking dolly bassinet at Paramount. I loved the blush color, and I have been wanting a wicker baby bed for decorating the girls' rooms. I usually see these priced $30-$50 (apparently I am not the only one who thinks these are too cute) but this one was marked $15. And it sways. And it is that soft blush color. And I remembered this cute little baby I found some time ago at the chichi DAV. (she too, was $8.98) She needed a bed. And three women commented on how cute it was as I carried it through the store. Okay. I'm sold.

In other news, my mom and I made a trip to Lowes today. I bought supplies to make my raised garden bed! I also purchased a composter container thingy. I am not sure what they are called. I am super excited about it! I also purchased an organic gardening magazine with great tips, which I will be sure to share here. I told Brooklyn that we were going green around here. She replied, "But mom, I don't want to go green!"
"Why not?"
"Because I want to go purple!"

Ahhhh, never a dull moment at our house. :o)

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  1. Great finds. That chenille blanket is a fantastic deal--and at the chichi DAV, too!