Thursday, June 4, 2009

thursday finds

I enjoy visiting other blogs, and seeing pictures of all the awesomeness ladies find at garage sales. For some reason, this garage sale season S.T.I.N.K.S. in my area. I have had very little luck. My neighborhood garage sales started today- and guess how many items I found? zero. It wasn't worth the gas. I ran into one thrift sister at a garage sale (that's when you know its bad, you live in a city of half a million people, and you bump into one another at a garage sale :o) and another thrift sister informed me that the treasure chest had everything half off. We made our way there, and I bought the vintage dolly in a carrying case for Brooklyn, the barbie case (which has cute little compartments inside, I think I might be a compartment junkie), the wedlock book in box from 1880, and the dresser set. I paid less then $2 for each item! The lady working there told me about a church sale, and off we went. It was tons of... qvc mixed with dollar tree... but I did manage to find the old doll bed with vintage ticking pillow. Oh my gracious, I forgot a couple things... one sec...

I don't know what it is with all this pink lately! I promise, my eye is usually scanning for neutrals- chippiness, rust, white, blues. I also found the little pitcher and the serving set at the church sale. My total for the doll bed, teeny tiny pitcher (its like 4 inches tall) and kid's cups/pitcher : $2.35.

The little pink wallet/coin purse was perfect for Brooklyn (only ten cents to boot) and I found the vintage cookbooks at a garage sale ($2). I'm pretty excited about Mastering the Art of French Cooking, as lately I have been drawn to more and more... french things. French decor, french homes, french cooking, french blogs. I think I have started another accidental collection: vintage cookbooks.

I am home alone, and it is lovely. I'm debating between going to Barnes and Noble, or building my beds. Maybe both?

Wishing you blue skies and the most incredible garage sale finds,


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