Monday, June 22, 2009

treasures come, treasures (hopefully) go

This vintage high chair is one of my most recent thrifting finds. It is in great condition and cost only $6.98!

This is how I spent my day:
And I took this picture half way through the cleaning! I still have a little left to do, but I accomplished a lot. After one of the best showers I have ever taken in my life (it was 102 degrees out today!) I. am. exhausted. 

If I make enough money at my garage sale, I would like to buy this for the family room down stairs:

It is only $229 at Ikea! It would mean a road trip, and some self-assembly. But I really need a space for my flat screen and spaces for books. Speaking of down stairs- I found these photos online somewhere. (I have got to start keeping track to give photo credit... sorry.) I thought this playroom was super cute, and the green walls aren't too far from the apple green color I painted our play room. I have got to finish the playroom...

This is funny, but I already have: two cottage bookshelves I have started to paint white, the same potterybarn kids easel pictured above (it was deeply discounted around Christmas), a little white table with two chairs, several colorful picture frames, a vintage dolly high chair, a banner, and some vintage looking artwork I may or may not use...

last I saw, there were a couple of little green chairs at one of my favorite stops. Do I need four? okay... I know... focus focus focus: garage sale!!!!

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