Saturday, June 6, 2009

roses on my mind...

I should have cleaned today. I should have stayed up, caught up on laundry, organized my messes. I went thrifting instead. I will have to post a picture later. But here is a list of my finds:
- a lampshade for the lamp in this post
- two vintage padded hangers, one peach and one with a floral print
- a bag of vintage/antique buttons
(I have recently learned about Victorian buttons through a woman who makes jewelry
  from them. She is a member of a major button society, but I can't recall the name. :o)
- a vintage purse that looks as though it is made from a rug? 
- of course a few toys for the girls. Their toy account is supposed to be frozen, but I am such a    sucker...

Nothing to sing about, but it was a fun day. I "potted up" my zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers, as they were outgrowing their little cubicles. I also managed to plant two more shrubs in the front bed. And sadly, that is about as far as my productivity went. Lord help me.

The girls are in bed. I have a cold diet pepsi. One raised bed is built, one more to go. I really want a rose plant, and I am considering the two types pictured above. I have irises to transplant, compost to buy, and a house to clean. This gardening business is serious stuff. 

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday.

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