Monday, June 29, 2009

Thrifting Manifesto

I have a surprise for you. (All five of you who stop by. :o)

It won't be long now, and I will share. But before I can share, I have a couple of tasks to complete. I thought I would start here, where thoughts seem to flow easier and make a little more sense in typed form. 

Task #1 : Why do I thrift? a sort of personal thrifting manifesto

Why do I thrift?

I thrift because it makes sense. I have lived on my own since I was sixteen, and there have been periods of my life when I couldn't really afford anything unless it was second hand. My mom taught me to see potential and possibility in what others might disregard. I remember my mom telling the story of her first home, using crates as side tables and covering them with pretty cloth and doilies. I remember her stories of making $25 in grocery money last a week for a family of four. My mom is a thrifty woman. She sewed almost all of my brothers' clothes during their childhood, and mine through my baby years. My mom eventually made her way through her masters degree. Although life became much more comfortable she never became superficial or materialistic. She did, however, start spending her weekends at auctions. The treasures she would bring home were incredible! As a teenager I didn't fully appreciate old things. But it wasn't long before I started falling in love. By 20 I was a thrift store/flea market/antique mall regular. 

I thrift because, as they say, "They don't make things like they used to." Everything from old furniture, hand made of real wood to dishes that have survived decades- the stuff in today's stores just doesn't compare. When I find vintage or antique items I feel more connected to history and the women who lived before me.

I thrift because it is an affordable way to make my home more beautiful. It may require taking on some projects, but I really enjoy those too. 

I thrift because I love the hunt. It brings my heart joy to find those special treasures for a song! It makes me especially happy when I find items that I know Emily and Melissa others will love. 

I come from a long line of women who had to be thrifty. I thrift because, like my mother, I want to teach my daughters that things are just things. They are lovely to have. But our things (or their brand/price tag) don't define us. It can all be taken away in an instant. Now when I bring my girlies with me I give my oldest girlie $1-$5 to spend any way she likes. She finds all sorts of neat things! I thrift because I want to teach my daughters to be thrifty, to find their own style, to see beauty with history, to be creative, to value money, to be different. 

Why do I thrift? Well... Why not?

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