Wednesday, April 22, 2009

estate sale goodness

Here is my estate sale goodness:

These recipes belonged to Doris. I'm not certain, but I got the impression that she passed away. I overheard the ladies running the show talking to a customer about her kid(s?) didn't want to save anything. I will definitely cherish her recipes. These three notebooks, and the little recipe box, are full of all kinds of great recipes. The clippings and dates on the handwritten recipes go back to the 50s. Doris cared enough to save these. She probably made most of them, as she has written notes like: "NOT GOOD" and "Delicious!" by several. When I try some, I will share with you all.
I found a box of vintage baby items and I just couldn't help myself. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things. I love the little shoes and the baby hat with the baseballs with the names of all the major teams. (I might have to give this to my brother, as he collects vintage sports memorabilia.) Wouldn't it be perfect for a little boy's room? He has one on the way. :o)
Apparently, Doris was leaving town for a few days and left the letter on the far left for her daughter. It reads:
My Sweet,
Be a good little girl my Darling.
I love you dear.
Do your school work well while mother is on her trip.
Study your music too please.
Write to me often.
I'll be thinking of you (inserted both here, after the fact) all the time.
Take good care of Daddy. Have a good time together.
Be sure doors are locked at nite. Check on water heater often. 
Drink lots of milk. (double underlined milk :o) Oranges, etc.
Your Darling Mother

She saved several letters and cards. The other letter is dated 1938. I wondered why a daughter wouldn't treasure such things. 

I loved the little purse with millinery in the top left corner. The purse in the top right is very dainty, and very old. I wouldn't begin to know how to date it.

The big grey wood box I bought for a song, and everything else was even cheaper. The vintage baby scale is going in the "baby area" of the girls' playroom. You know, they will need to make sure their babies are growing! The vintage bissel sweeper says "LITTLE QUEEN" on it. It is also for the playroom. (It was from a different sale, but Brooklyn really really wanted me to take its picture too.)

I also bought slightly more than 11 birds. Thirty-four to be exact. A few came with nests. A few were in not so good shape. I love them all. But they won't all stay here. Some will debut at Christmas time. Some will find their way on creative endeavors... 

On a side note, I plan on painting that hutch this summer. I have found some great tutorials from fellow blogging ladies, so stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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