Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend:Part 2

This is Brooklyn's modeling face:

I found the pink vintage purse and the vintage boots at goodwill. ($3 a piece!) The purse is for her dress up area in the playroom that I have started, and have yet to finish. (another project for this summer)
I found this 1940s/50s skirt and jacket at the flea today. It is just a tad too big. I think I will maybe embellish it a little, but the fabric is a satiny silky type fabric. We'll see...
I have plans for the needlepoint...future project!
The necklace and bracelet were made/repurposed by the girl I mentioned in the previous post. All of her stuff is so lovely, I found it hard to choose. I was totally excited to find the vintage ring boxes...which I practically stole for a song! I think I might plant an herb in the little birdie planter.
This was made by another lady at the arb. She also designs jewelry using buttons and notions and vintage pieces. This is actually made from a button (the gold part only) from the late 1800's. I couldn't pass it up. It's a bird!
I have been looking for an old runner for my bedroom dresser. The one in the pictures is from the 1920s/30s (according to the lady I purchased it from, and she had the best stuff, all from the turn of the century to 1940s)
I have wanted some big ben/baby ben clocks for a while. The truck will have to suffice until I can afford a grown up one some day. (it still has its tires:) I found the pink ann taylor shoes at goodwill for $3! I wore them last night, and got several complements. i love shoes...
Finally, a pretty vintage apron with heart pocket and a vintage wedding album, unused. Maybe I will save it in case I ever get married one
Now I need to go through rooms and get a box of stuff together for goodwill, because I most certainly can't keep accumulating things faster than I can get rid of them!

It must be spring or something, because I don't usually buy so much pink! 

I hope your weekend was lovely.


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  1. Oh my gracious, Brooklyn is so darling. And great finds! I should have run by the flea market after I found out the second day of art at the arb was cancelled...