Monday, April 13, 2009

on your marks...

I have made it through my first day of the challenge. I woke up extra early before class, did my upper body lifts, and I followed the eating schedule. (6 meals a day, smaller of course) I had no caffeine until the afternoon, and I only had one diet soda. I even walked this evening. Overall, the day went well. I didn't realize how often I just mindlessly reach for sweets...I caught myself several times today. I had to get all that Easter candy out of sight!

One day down, 83 more to go... :o)

Austin, being the prankster he is, gave his ten year old cousin a fake lottery ticket yesterday. He won $10,000. And he fell for it. The family was in on the joke, so they played along for awhile. "So, what will you do with your ten thousand dollars?" to which Brooklyn chimed,

"If I won ten thousand dollars, I would buy some things to sew with and I would sew myself a dress!"

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but Brooklyn is seriously amazing.

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