Friday, April 17, 2009

zoo and more favorite things

Three monkeys in the jungle at the zoo.
Brooklyn loves the jungle!
I love freckled mirrors. Or would they be called "age spots"? I don't believe in them anyhow. They are just delayed beauty marks!
Here is my mantle. I know. It looks like something is missing...I just can't really get it right. 
tall candle holders- $10 each, hobby lobby clearance
old frame- $2.98 thrift find
old mirror- 20% of of $16, my favorite antique mall
"A Mother Is Love"- clearance at a card store in the mall. I can't remember how much, but I was pregnant with Brooklyn when I bought it. 
Any suggestions? I don't know what is missing...
This secretary desk is one of my most favorite possessions. It belonged to my great grandma Opal. I spent a lot of time with her during my younger years while my parents worked and attended college, and she would let me play office at her desk. I am sure I wasted many envelopes. It has some dings and bangs, some pieces missing and such. I have been contemplating painting her. What's a girl to do?
Another of my most favorite flea market finds. Have you ever been in any little town where 8th street and 12th street intersect? Usually odds and evens intersect. I just loved this sign. I saw a few different women carrying some around at the flea, and was sure they were sold out. This was the last one! Too bad It isn't 11th street! I am at a loss as to how to use this decoratively. Obviously it will have to sit on top of something...any suggestions?

Happy Friday!

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