Sunday, April 5, 2009

VIP Dinner Party

I'm thinking I will host a girls dinner. This can't be just any dinner. This will be, like, a VIP dinner. Because actually, the women in my life are definitely Very Important People. I am thinking a menu of pasta and salad and wine and sinfully divine chocolate something. Oh, and a VIP bag at every place setting. One thing I have noticed, is that many of the women I love most have had a really rough go at it lately. One of my best friends is closing her business, of which I totally adore and have watched from its inception. Another friend lost her mother the first of this year, after spending much of her time and energy taking care of her. Another friend's husband was laid off some time ago, and that has definitely made things more difficult. Most of all, I just want to celebrate the strong women in my life. I want to bring incredible women together for one incredible evening, and I want them to leave knowing that I care. I have always cared.

Oooh...invites. I have some clever ideas...

So, if anyone reads my blog and has any suggestions/recipes/ideas, please share! In the mean time I will be perusing other blogs and websites. 

I believe women should spend more time embracing one another, the way they are, right where they are at. 

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