Sunday, April 26, 2009

keepin' it real

I have grown to love the blogs of women that I have found. Reading their stories and seeing their thriftiness and decorating and watching their babies grow... it all blesses me. Confession: I used to have a different blog. This blog carried me through some of the most painful moments of my life. And while I wanted to maintain the facade that life is just a chair of bowlies, as apparently was the case for so many blogs I loved to read, the pain and struggle just spilled out all over my writing. Later, I would read the things I wrote and feel embarrassed that I divulged so much personal information about my life. I wanted to do what all the other moms out there did. I wanted to show you my beautiful kids, my home, my thrifting finds, a few recipes here and there. I never wanted to offer you a window into my reality. I started taking chances. I started being real. A pattern emerged. Every time I would post something real and honest and less then lovely about my life, I would have more comments then I did from the other posts. I inspired people more. People related to my situation. Sometimes, I even helped people. I have been telling my girlfriends that we need to start a facade free women's group/Bible study- and yet on my blog I have been more interested in maintaining the facade than being real. I even started a fresh new blog for that very purpose- stating that I just wanted to keep it light hearted...

Here is your warning. I plan to randomly post about realness. You can find these postings under my "realness" label. I will try to spare you the goriest of details, the TMI type stuff. It won't all be light hearted. Because there is a whole lot more to every woman than her home, her decorating, her cooking, her kids, her husband- and thank goodness this is so! 

Anyway, facades are exhausting. 

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