Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend: Part 1

On Saturday morning, I slipped on my pink wellies and hit the road for Art at the Arb. If you are ever in Kansas, or making your way through, I highly highly highly recommend you stop by the Bartlett Arboretum. It was magnificent and like a fairy tale. In all my excitement, I forgot my camera!!!! I hope you will bear with me, my pictures are from my camera phone. They absolutely do not do justice, and I will go back and get better pictures sometime this spring/summer. I promise!

You walk through these little gate doors, and you can't see what is beyond them. You follow the pebble path and then you see this little cottage. It is so quaint and I desperately wished to see inside. Robin Macy, the owner of the arboretum, lives in the 650 square foot space. She has incredible taste.

I tried to get a closer shot of this little side door to the house. She has a beautiful old screen door. In the bottom right corner you can see her antique garden fence poking through. It was just charming.
There was live entertainment and several art vendors: bluegrass, country,, garden art, paintings, glass, paper goods...
I loved the bridge. I loved the water. I loved the tulips. I loved the tree house. I loved all the beautiful trees. I loved the garaj mahal:
note: love the MEN & LADIES is different fonts/colors above the bathroom door. Also love the old door. I love the old piano. I love the two white chenille bedspreads used as curtains to the kitchen/eating area of her garaj.
She had a vintage table to go with those pretty red chairs. I love the vintage table cloths used on the cabinets. such a pretty garage.
This is her "guest quarters" which currently houses a pretty young twenty something who can SING! She had the most fabulous black cowgirl boots on, with red white and blue accents! I admit, I had boot and bicycle envy...(note the baskets on the front!) The super long chalk board has that quote about how a few great people can change the world, for that is all that ever really did...something like that. I peeked in the windows...could only see the teeny tiny kitchen but it was so stinkin cute! I was afraid of getting in trouble, otherwise I would have snapped a photo.

Oh yes, I will definitely go back to take some better pictures soon!

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