Monday, April 20, 2009

pretty pictures

Oh Ladies. Oh my gracious. I struck gold at an estate sale that I accidentally stumbled upon today. I am so very excited to show you everything. It was almost too good to be true. I will share pictures soon! Since I have been drawn to pink lately, I thought I would share this photo. Pink, in a decorating sense, can be awfully tricky anywhere other than a girl's room. I don't think I am quite brave enough to paint an entire piece of furniture pink. But I do like this hutch:

(I think it's a safe use of pink. photo from Rare and Beautiful Treasures blog.)
There are two things about this summer that I am really looking forward to. 1. Spending quality time with Brooklyn and Charlotte...tea parties, dress up, t-ball, fishing, star gazing from our back yard, gardening, painting, dancing, baking, many great things to do together. 
2. Home Projects!!! I almost always have too much on my plate. When I am busy with school and studying and homework and kiddos and everyday housework and familial roller coasters, my home gets neglected. The dining room is patiently waiting on me to take down the glue backing from that awfully repetitive border I ripped down some time ago. I think my first room to tackle will be the dining room. Which may not be a dining room when it is all said and done. I think I will consult with Layla over at the lettered cottage.
(above photo from rate my space- just one that I liked. I love the unexpected pop of the lamp shades, and the over all simplicity of the space. And that gracious I love that chair!)

I wanted to share this photo from a photographer in the Dallas area. You can view more of her work here. She is a very talented photographer, and I am so inspired by her work. This was probably my favorite picture of all her online portfolio. I am in love with this picture. If I ever accomplish my dream of buying Brooklyn and Charlotte their very own horses, there will be many pictures. I miss horses. I can't wait to move to our country home someday. I can't wait to get back to where I came from, moreover, who I am. If you live in the Dallas area, and you have kids, this is the photographer. As far as my own work is concerned, I have been refining my business plan, researching equipment, mulling over the level of commitment I can make and how best to spend the limited about of money I have. For the summer I plan on building my own portfolio and taking any work that lands on my lap. In the fall, I'm gonna get serious. More on that later...

Charlie's fifth tooth has poked through. Brooklyn has some new dance moves. Spring is finally here, it will be in the 70s-80s all week. Life is good.

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  1. these were beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of the little girl on the horse. That picture spoke a thousand words!