Thursday, April 23, 2009

i love to play poker

- i went on a date with my littlest lady tonight. brooklyn is out of town with her grandma and most favorite uncle. (he is just a little older than she is. :o)

- i'm thinking of starting on my room. why shouldn't my bedroom be first?

- i am trying to figure out a name for my photography business. i have my first senior shoot. i will be incorporated and everything. in my world, it's kind of a big deal.

- my mom is going to re-teach me how to sew... starting with pretty white slip covers for my sofa/love seat. i'm the master at biting off more than i can chew...

- no matter what, i will have an A in my sociology class. i am very excited about this.

- i haven't started my seeds yet. i plan to tomorrow. hopefully it won't be too late.

- my house is a wreck.

- pottery barn kids magazine arrived today. 

- sometimes i sleep with my Bible in my bed. it gets the other pillow.

- cherry carmex (in the pot) is where it's at.

- i am about two parts dreamer, one part realist. 

- i want to learn to ride a motorcycle.

- i am so very blessed. like, crazy blessed. all around me, God just keeps pouring out the blessings. He is so good. while 2008 (and parts of 2009) was the hardest year of my life, it was also one of my most blessed. i saw God at work. more and more, i think i might be special. i think God has a very super special plan for my life, and my daughters'. may i be so bold as to say, i think He has set me aside to fulfill a warrior's destiny. 

- i am thankful for all of you. you just bless my heart.

- "bless your heart" and "hot diggity dog!" were two of my great grandma Opal's favorite sayings.

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